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He ain't heavy, he's my Bausch

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I just bought (along with an older violin) an old (or "vintage" as we like to say) violin bow labelled "Bausch" (no initials or "Germany" stamp. It appears to be pernambuco, silver-wrapped, but it weighs in at a staggering 68 grams. Our luthier suggests (with tongue in general vacinity of cheek) that it may only be suitable for playing Mahler. But should I really be looking more at . .kindling?

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If your Bausch feels good that is all that Mahlers.

I've read that Perlman liked a very hevy bow, but I think that in

his case, very heavy meant 62 -64 grams.

At 68, the wood is probably a bit soft, hence the exra thickness.

 I bet it's very fat & warm, but not lots of HF, yes?

If it feels good in-hand, you could always keep it for playing easy

ballads. I have several heavy-ish (not THAT heavy) old

bows that sound fantastic for this, I just can't ask them to dance

a jig.

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Originally posted by:

At 68 grams, you have a good candidate for a viola bow. Viola bows tend to be 70 grams, plus or minus a couple of grams. There is really no significant or regular length difference in viola and violin bows. So, length isn't a factor in keeping you from using it as a viola bow.

Was thinking the same thing......... did someone tell you it was definitely a violin bow? the weight is well within viola range. May be one of those in-between category sticks? I see a Sartory bow at the Tarisio auction weighing exaxtly the same 68 grams is described as a violin or viola bow.

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