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What do your workshops look like?


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Mine used to be real nice, but I moved it back home into a 5.5' x 10.5' storage room late last year. Pretty cramped, but I am managing. There's a drillpress just out of shot on the left, and a shelf I added where I store my wood above where I shot the picture from.


Lets see yours.

EDIT:Slightly better pic added.

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Originally posted by:

Hi Matt. What kind of stool is that? Looks comfy.

Don't know for sure, but it's supposed to be some Harley Davidson wanna-be seat. It is extremely comfy, but the wheels don't roll very well and I get mad at it and kick it out of the way sometimes. I also find the footprint a bit large for the size of my shop, but it can adjust very high, which I find useful. It was a birthday present.

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I just adore those threads. Wonderful and large shops. I love to

see your places.  "http://www.maestronet.com/forums/attachments/Licastro001.jpg">Mine

is just a maiden´s bathroom I transformed in "workshop", if I

can say that´s a workshop, maybe just an apartment deposit.

Actually I have to work in the laundry room, and sometimes on the

kitchen's table. My bandsaw and drillpress are about 70 Km away

from home.

Jeffrey, I just love the stand where you hang up your violins.

Could you post a closer picture?

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I have four different workstations as I usually work on a 4-6 projects at the same time. Haven't got photos of all now, but here you can see my two most used tables. Then I have a room where I only keep stuff, and do my paper work and I have an iBook just like Jeffrey! But the similarity stops there, I am not very tidy, but I am not very untidy either I think... I have about 60 m2 totally, and I am quite happy with that as long as I am mostly just me working here.


Mostly repair and set-up...


Bench for making and rough work, I often do retouching by the table to the right

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Originally posted by:

Hey CT, I see that one of the bottom four spring clamps is out of alignment


Not any more.


I don't know how that happened, but I promoise you, it was just a one time thing...

(p.s. if you'll notice, in jeffreys shop, there are a couple of gouges hanging slightly skewed... so I'm not the only one apparently who keeps a really messy shop.)

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My shop consists of an outdoor shop and an indoor shop. Pictured is my indoor shop that used to be the master bedroom. The master bathroom has become the storage and finishing room. That exhaust fan has come in handy! The shower stall has become my UV drying cabinet. I build instruments exclusively (no repairs). Cheers.shopi.jpg

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