Comford shoulder rests

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The only occasion when one should waste precious time on a company that does not reply to inquiries is when that company is the only one that supplies a given product. There are plenty of shoulder rests out there. Wolfe Forte Secondo is my favorite. They have a wide soft pad, are made of metal, and have good thick rubber feet. They are also comfortable and non-detrimental to the tone provided the clamping force is the minimum required to stay on the violin.

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I am surprised that they did not reply to your e-mail. The last time I contacted them, I got a reply within 24 hours.

I was actually looking for a shoudler rest for my daughter and this was one of the one considered. However, we did not end up buying it because the p[ostage was too expensive (we live in Australia). She is now using a Wolf (cannot remember if it is a Primo or Secondo) and is very happy with it.



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As a teacher, I find the Comford shoulder rest plants the violin at an abnormally high and away angle for most players. It also doesn't allow for enough left shoulder natural movement, rather plants the shoulder down. So unless you are very tall with long arms I think it isn't a very realistic, ergonomic solution for most players.


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I had not recognized the name at first, however, I have tried these rests on a friends violin. The model (I do not know which) was very heavy.

I have tried four or five different manufacturers for both tone and comfort. It is a mistake to think a shoulder rest is going to "improve" violin tone. It is more a question of limiting detrimental influence. Some rests offer better acoustics, but the effect is subtle at times. I still like Wolfe from the acoustical aspect as well.

You need to experiment with the degree of clamping force. It is easy to constrict things with a rest that is too tight. Conversely, some violins need a notch taken out. It is good to compare tone to the benchmark of no rest.

By all means give it a try if your inclined. I for one try just about everything in order to understand things. I have tried rests that are five times as expensive and yet I would not have them on my violins for free. You have to realize truth and marketing make interesting companions. It takes much experimention to really grasp this.

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I think I've tried every model from every manufacturer; certainly all that are available in the USA. I think there is a subtle improvement in acoustics; very easy to clamp on violin without damage; and very comfortable. I own several; have a pile of other brands, including Wolf, my second choice, that I never use. They are heavy, but I find that I don't notice the weight unless I'm holding the violin in my hands rather than playing. I have purchased from Johnson Strings, I think. They seem to be readily available by mail order from several suppliers. Let us know what you think if you try one.

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I have a gold one. Currently it's in my drawer full of misc.


In short: I didn't like it. Not one bit. I actually thought of

returning it but I thought I'd grow into it. Not the case.

It's no lie that the thing is very heavy. I could use it as a

paperweight or doorstop. It gives a nice "solid" feeling when the

violin is in playing position, but the weight is still there.

The adjustability of the shoulder rest is severely small. No height

or lateral adjustment. It freezes you into its own playing

position, which can be hit or miss.

I didn't notice a positive difference in sound either. The sound

was much like having a piece of foam between you and the violin.

Shades were smoothed out to a rather plain and boring effect.

Then comes the problem of storing the darned thing. It won't fit in

my case and to carry it around is awkward.

On a positive note, it seems to be well made.

Thumbs down, Comford.

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it depends on what you want from your shoulder rest. yes, they're heavy. if you like your violin to move as you play, it's not for you. if you like a stationary, secure violin, i think it could be good, and the weight there shouldn't be a big deal. i love the cushioning on them, but they don't really fit my shoulder. i've been using a mach one rest for a couple years now, because that's what fits me well. if there were something in the shape of the mach one, but with the cushioning of the comford, then i'd be sold. in the end, neither of them are particularly (at all, really) adjustable. for most people, it seems like one that can mold to you a bit would be best. and, as for the affects on the tone of the violin....i tried the mach one, comford, kun, wolf, etc on the same day and didn't notice even the slightest difference...

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Originally posted by:
Hi vlngeek, thx for

your info.  But did you find it enhance the sound?  And

which model you've been tried?  

A former student of mine, when he was a senior in high school, was

in the market for a good violin to use in college.  At the

time he chose a violin, he came upon the Comford shoulder rest.

 He is extremely tall (around 6'4'') and lanky.  The

Comford rest seemed to solve his tall neck/long arms issue by

placing the violin slightly more to the left which allowed a little

more extension of his bow arm.

He bought the more expensive version of the Comford rest.  To

answer your question regarding enhancing the sound of the violin,

that wasn't even a consideration.  He was looking for a

shoulder rest and chinrest set up tthat worked for his



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I tried the comford for viola for about 5 minutes and then

proceeded to lecture myself on wasting money.  There is no

adjustment at all to it, so it's one of those rests that you put on

and if it doesn't work for you in a few minutes of testing, it's

not going to work for you ever.  I found it put my

instrument too high where the scroll was pointing upward.  It

was much too high as well.

Another shoulder rest that some people like is the mach one which I

also wasted money on. I found it had too little padding and the

tilt isn't adjustable either, making it rather awkward if it

doesn't fit the angle of your shoulder.

Stick to the basics that are ADJUSTABLE like Kuns

and wolfs.  Adjustability is key.  A lot of these

companies come out with rests that aren't adjustable in some

fashion and it boggles my mind why they think it will work for


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