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My first singing violin

Marijan Radaljac

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I`m so proud on myself. Last week on wednesday I finally put the

strings on my first completed violin. Third one  is in the

middle of varnishing process-will be finished in cca two to three

weeks, one actually finished in white as the  first is still

hanging on the window, drying.

I took it to few violinists and teachers. I hope it is not purely

beginners luck, but it`s sound grate. Grate response, grate

playability, hi output, lovely tone and really good balance over

whole freq. specter. . Not sure who was moore surprised, me or

them. One of the teachers did not like the color of the varnish,

and one said that he would prefer slightly cleaner D string,

talking in absolute therms and comparing with A,E,and

G.  Maybe just the bridge.

I`m really happy, maybe little overenthusiastic, but cant forget

the moment (my little girl is in fifth grade at violin so can

not really valuate the quality) when first one of those violinists

played on it. It was quite emotional.

Here is few shots. I`ll try to made the sound clip soon.

Thanks to maestronet.


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Thank you all for your kind words. Actually it was the

sound of violin that pleasantly surprised me mostly. I must get a

god mic. and record it as soon as I can. Next week the concert

master of Slovenian filharmonics will try it for me. Since I`m a

regular visitor of their concerts, he was so kind to agree about

testing it. I should get good reporter portable mini disc and mic.

and record him.

Seth, yes I was working on sec. and third simultaneously.


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No Magnus. She is currently playing this one (picture is taken in

the middle of restoring process). 1932 Blaž Demšar -

probably best Slovenian maker - made in Sarajevo (Bosnia) where he

lived and work when he was young.

Thanks Doug, I saw your pair. Lovely instruments. It`s nice feeling

haring them play for the first time, isn’t` it!?


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