NAMM show 2007

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Anybody went to Namm this year?   its my first experience to

see such big musical instruments exhibition.  But I'm a

bit disappointed about it.  Not many booths selling violins,

violas, cellos and DB.  What I saw in different halls are the

booths selling guitars, electronic stuffs, 2nd floor is for

acoustic piano but I can't even find Steinway and Sons there.

 Its hard to find a good and reasonable price violin in this

show.  And when I talked to my friend who applied the booth

there two yrs ago.  He said he won't apply it anymore coz he

has to stay there for 4 days but just got a few orders. 

I've planned for year to see Frankfurt exhibition.  Is it

worth to go?   Anybody has experience of Music exhibition in

Frankfurt?  I gotta make sure its worth to see this time coz

I've asked for the hotel fee which is terribly high even youth

hostel charge you EUR100 per nite.  

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In Frankfurt there are string instruments concentrated in a

separate hall - it is better. There is also much easier to find

violins for sale.

I don't suppose hotels might be more expensive. We are a exhibitor,

hence we receive a lot of offers. There are hotels from EUR 80 up

to about EUR 250, but there are many hotels for about 80 - 100.

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You won't ever see vintage instrument exhibitors at any NAMM show. The show is not for vintage gear of any kind, excepting re-issues of classic electric guitars and such.

Steinway has not been to NAMM in years. I've been going over 20 years and have never seen them. Yamaha however takes over the entire Marriott, and their showing is huge and always interesting.

Scott Cao always has a fairly large booth, and there are usually 10 or more of the Chinese importers represented, and the French and German exhibits always have a rich selection of bows. This year I saw more double-basses than hitherto, but I'm sure you can imagine the transport costs for the examples which made it, in the German section. Nice ones they were, too. All of the electric string instrument manufacturers show up, and there are plenty of opportunities to score a nice carbon fiber bow, of varying quality, at a number of booths.

If you're in the market for a case, there were plenty available, in a good number of exhibits. As regards the instruments that are brought in for the show, the nicest part is that most of the demos are also for sale at dealer cost, or cheaper, and no tax is charged. Since you're wearing a badge to get in, everyone assumes you're 'in the business' so you can do quite nicely. I picked up a good sounding Chinese viola for $300, including the case. I have seen the same quality of instrument at local dealers starting at $2500. Also all the sheet music is for sale at 50% off, unless the someone has already bought the entire contents of the booth. Picked up some good DVD's at the Mel Bay booth this year. You have to wait until Sunday to collect, of course.

Did you make it downstairs to check out the boutique booths? Always a good showing there, too.

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I did buy some bows there.  But I'm lookin for  much more

older violins instead of new one, so I'm pretty disappointed.

 I was surprise there are so many chinese made strings

instruments in this exhibition.  Since I know where to find

better and lower price chinese violins myself, I'm pretty

disappointed to see so many Chinese violins there again.  I

asked one chinese violin company for their instruments price and

info, but he quoted me a price which is almost a triple for what I

get in China and the quality is just so so.  And whenever I

ask about the wholesale price, some of them will ask tons of

 questions to make sure I'm not a spy or  I'm really a

dealer which really made me feel exhausted.

I did go to a small exhibitiion held in Paris few yrs ago.

 The organization gathered all accoustic strings instruments

in one part and all the other things in another area.  Some

booths even provide a quiet room for people to try their

products.  But in NAMM, everythings put together.

 Sometimes I can hardly hear what I play when those rock and

rollers begin to play the drums and electric guitars.  

It's weird that Steinway and Sons not apply a booth in such big

exhibition.  But I know their president gave a presentation in

a morning which I missed.  

I have too much expectation on this exhibition.  I suppose to

"WOW" when I see it.  But ends up I just keep saying "oh

no..." lol  Its a great show for those guitar lovers but sure

not for me.

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Originally posted by:
Hi Bohdan, Thanks

for your info.  Are there more violin exhibitors in Frankfurt

than NAMM?  I'm lookin for companies provide antique violins

instead of brand new one. Btw I think you must know Daniel.


If you want to buy an old instrument, you should visit Mondomusica

Cremona or Musikmesse Frankfurt.  Which Daniel do you mean?

 Daniel from Otto Musica?

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Are you going to visit Musikmesse Frankfurt? If you are still

interested in buying old instruments send me e-mail in

advance. (My e-mail address is in my profile)

(We are a exhibitor at Musikmesse. First time I brought only my

Testore to demonstrate our strings. Many visitors said "Wow - it's

a great sound, but it is because of the excellent instrument. This

is why we brought more instruments last year, including  the

cheapest ones.  We demonstrated that our strings work well

with all categories of instruments. Some of these instruments

belonged to my friend who is dealer and we sold some of them. )

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