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Okay, I was diagnosed with severe carpal tunnel syndrome. I got one of those Flextend thingies, www.flextend.net and have managed to keep carpal tunnel at bay. It doesn't completely cure the problem (you have to keep using the device) but it keeps you free from pain by exercising the opposite group of muscles and taking pressure off the carpal tunnel.

I recommend it for anybody with CTS or just as a very good workout for you hands. It's also good to prevent CTS from happening at all. The whole system is a little expensive but worth it. A much cheaper alternative is the Cat's Paw or even use a simple rubber band around all your fingers and stretch outwards.

Another good thing about the Flextend is that you have access to email help from a specialist when you buy one. I never used that but I did call before buying and they were very helpful indeed and said that I could always phone for help.

Hope that helps all you CTS or future CTS sufferers!

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