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Decent Violin Case?


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You might be able to get the stink out with some of the newer enzymatic pet odor controllers. Cat urine is one of the most difficult smells to remove, but this stuff works sometimes.

A college friend just received a new Eddie Bauer Kara Koram goose down sleeping bag - top of the line at the time- and the cat sprayed it while he was taking it out of the mailing box. He got the smell out of the goose down eventually.

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I second Ray's recommendation. I bought a 1/2 size Bobelock half moon case for my daughter's violin - fantastic protection.

I bought a BAM-Style case for myself (not that I play a lot but trying to learn, bit by bit) and I like it too. I got it from e-bay. However, the BAM-style (note: not the original BAM case) case is heavier and not as easy to carry as the Bobelock Half Moon case.

Look at Shar, I think they have a sale on at the moment as I just got their e-mail last week or two weeks ago about their case sale.



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Nickia, before you scrap your case, get some Nature's Miracle. But before you do that, if this is the first time your cat has done this, and especially if your cat is male, make sure it's not a bladder infection or crystaluria prompting it. Urinary problems are painful and unpleasant for female cats, but they can kill a tomcat very quickly.

NM supposedly have a special formulation for cat urine, but I've found the regular NM works fine. You can usually find it at places like PetCo. Don't buy other brands that claim to be just as good --they aren't! I don't know why NM is so much better, but it is.

They tell you on the bottle that it might take more than one treatment because you really have to soak the article to make sure the NM gets to all the cracks and crevasses where the urine got, so don't be surprised if you can still smell some pee after the first or even the second treatment (it took me 5 times, once).

NM really does work! It's not hype. Over the past 40 years I've supported 6 cats through their long lives, and I bless the day I learned about NM

It's a lot cheaper than a new case, too

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