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selling an oud


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An old friend of mine who works overseas asked me to help him sell his oud. I had a guitar shop for many years but am really out of the loop. I've seen it, it's in great shape. He can at least read the arabic numbers so we know it's from 1947. It's olive wood bellied with three roses on top and two are carved from the spruce. He was supposed to take a photo to send to me before he went back to Korea but I haven't gotten it yet. It's a real players instrument.

Any suggestions? I owe him a favor or two.

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pics of the label would be tough. I'd have to copy the writing through the rose. He knows enough arabic to read the date. I asked him to take some photos before he left sunday. I'll email him to see what happenned. I've been around enough ouds to know that it is well made. The main rose looks like a replacement. It's not fancy or gaudy. Kind of reminds me of a 40's mahogany Martin guitar in craftsmanship. I I'll work on the photos. I can go get the instrument myself and take them but it will take a week or so. I was just looking to see if anyone had ideas.

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