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Favorite recordings of solo violin?


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Hilary Hahan - Bach Sonatas (cannot remember the exact title).

I am waiting for some one to give me (perhaps I will buy it eventually) Richard Tognetti's recording of Bach Sonatas and Partitas. [For those of you who don't know Richard Tognetti, her is the director of Australia Chamber Orchestra and he is excellent. I heard his recording of Beethovan Violin Concert - he intepreted it so differently compared to all the other. WOW, an "ear" opener.]



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Unaccompanied... that's tough. So far, my favorite would be Bach's Sonatas and Paritas for Solo Violin performed by Henryk Szeryng. I also love Kyung-Wha Chung's playing, but can't recall anything that's completely and strictly violin solo right now... (Even pieces like Elgar and Kreisler were accompanied by piano. I just went through my CDs and had to listen to them to brush off my memory. )

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I'll vote for Kreisler plays Kreisler (pick your recording -- there are a few).

Ooops, wait, I guess there's piano in there too. I tend to overlook that part.

In that case, I'll second the vote for Szerying plays Bach. Honorable mentions to Shaham on the Prokofiev sonata for solo violin, Kavakos playing the Ysaye solo sonatas, Milstein's Bach.

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i would like to second lymond's vote for milstein's second set of bach recordings. hillary hahn is great, and i like her bach, but milstein takes the cake. if you don't know his bach, go out and buy both sets (195X and 197X). listen to the 50's recordings a couple of times, and then switch to the 70's. it's amazing to hear how much difference it makes when you have another 20 years to think about a piece. it's my reference recording for the bach, and always really inspires me to work on my bach. that is, until i actually work on my bach, at which point milstein inspires me to give up the violin.

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1)milstein - bach (both recordings) - (i also like szeryng and


2)rabin - paganini caprices

3)kavakos - ysaye sonatas

4)mathe - reger sonatas

5)podger - telemann fantasies

6)repin - ernst's der erlkonig

7)szeryng - kreisler's recitativo and scherzo

8)shaham - prokofiev sonata

9)gringoltz - solo cd with hindemith and schnittke

10)gitlis - bartok sonata

11)michelle makarski -  Caoine: Music by Biber, Hartke, Reger,

Rochberg, Bach

12)elizabeth wallfisch - Violin Masters of the 17th Century: Music

by Biber, Westhoff, etc

13)manze - tartini's devils trill for solo violin

14)cappelletti - tartini - 8 Piccole Sonate for Violin Solo

15)milstein - paganiniana

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Milstein's ca. 1975 recordings are my favorite, only in part because my grandmother gave me the LPs when they were first out. He also had a few of the solo pieces on his 'Last Recital' CD.

Has anyone heard John Holloway's new recordings of the solo Bach works? Heard a bit on NPR, Baroque fiddle and bow, I believe, and they sounded interesting to me. Yet to hear the acutual recordings, though.

Along a completely different vein, though still solo violin, is Bruce Greene's "Five Miles of Ellum Wood." Old-time Kentucky fiddle music, mostly done in cross-tunings. Fun stuff from a different culture.

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Originally posted by:

Steve, I'll need to check out that Jerry Holland recording.

Solo with ZERO accompaniment? Wow...

I'll have to ditto Hahn's Bach S&P album...though I also really

like the Itzhak Perlman recording of all of them as well.

Yes, it's great for analyzing his style since nothing else gets in the way. The next best thing to sitting in the room with him and listening to him playing the tunes (which I've also done; I have several hours of MD recordings of him playing at a workshop last year which I need to sort out and edit at some point).

Classical, I have to go with the Szeryng Bach Sonatas & Partitas; a long-time favorite.

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My favourite two:

Richard Tognetti's Bach Sonatas & Partitas (ABC 2005) -- absolutely merits the extremely enthusuastic review it received in the Strad, perhaps the best recording yet and well worth ordering directly from Australia [the others on my shortlist would be Kuijken's first recording of them 1983, and Szeryng 1968]


Andrew Manze 'The Devil's Sonata and other works' (Harmonia Mundi USA 1970)

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Originally posted by:

When I read this the memory in my fingers remember thumbing

through it at my local Borders. I ran out and bought it last night.

So far I've listened to the whole thing twice; some stuff I love

and other stuff I can't stand. Perhaps it'll grow on me the more I

listen to it.

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