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carbon instruments revisited

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I was inquirying about carbon fiber instruments made by Luis and

Clark, or Quintus.  Does anyone have comments on the quality

of the sound, those who have played them? How does the sound differ

from wood? My guess is it's probably like gut strings vs. synthetic

strings...Gut strings, like wood, have a more complex rich sound,

but synthetic is more stable while almost sounding just as


I searched previous posts about these instruments, and the topics

digressed into arguments about the concept of new material vs.

traditional.  There was only 2-3 sentences on how the

instruments are themselves, which is why I'm posting a new subject

on the matter.

I've heard from one person who owns a 20-30,000 instrument, but

uses her Luis and Clark CF viola more, and I'm wondering if these

instruments are good enough to use as a main instrument, not just

an outdoor junker.  

Having practical use as a main instrument would be my only

justification for spending a large sum of money for one, so it

would have to have a good sound.

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I heard one Quintus cello played on a stage along with some conventional instruments. It seemed unusually loud, but was in a different position on the stage from the other cellos and wasn't played consecutively with the regular instruments, so I'd hesitate to say more than that.

When I played it, it didn't have the feel or the sound under the ear that I associate with good cellos, but maybe that's not important to some.

No personal experience with the Luis and Clark.

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I've played the Luis and Clark. It had some pleasing sound qualities. It was darker than my wooden one, and I liked the sound. I think it would be an intermediate instrument. I think it could be used as a main instrument, but obviously it isn't going to be played in the NY Phil, or by Itzhak Perlman. But by a student or amatuer it would be great. But just like wood I think the instruments would differ with different strings.

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ok it seems to be the  consensus that it is

beginner-intermediate level instrument, or the instrument is best

as a second instrument for extreme conditiions.  

that is until they come out with some material based on

nanotechnology that makes a $1000 instrument surpass a million

dollar instrument.  

i saw in the news something on the US military coming out with

bullet proof vests which are soft and  flexible, until the

elements in the armor  come into contact with a bullet

and it then stiffens to reject the impact.  perhaps with a

violin there will be a material, which comes in contact with

vibrations, the material flexes more and increases resonance.

 just a thought, but it seems like something like this would

be plausible in the near future.

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I wonder about the stability for use as a school instrument. Since most schools like to play with temperatures (turning the temps way down at night then back up during the day) it would seem that these instruments would be more stable and less likely to crack than wood.

For most elementary/middle school applications, tone is not as important as avoiding repairs. If there is an instrument out there that can withstand changing temps, little or no humidity and kids dropping it, I want to take a look at it.

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well these instruments are around 5000 apiece so they are probably

outside a school's budget. however, 50 years down the

road these instruments would outlast any wood student instrument,

so maybe the value is seen in the longterm.

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I'm actually looking forward to owning a nice-sounding inexpensive synthetic instrument sometime. I also like to dream about evrybody in the world being able to get their hands on a decent fiddle. xdmitrix420, thanks for not putting the quietos or whatever on crackpot responses from weirdos like me who think the world needs to be taken over by functional harmony.

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