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a French, a German old violins...


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Hey there! ;]

It's me bremkins, ofcourse! I cant find my password to log on my

previous account. nvm.

Im buying a new violin. Well - got 2 options. A German violin

(Heinrich Haberlein, 1912, )  - played that one for a while

and what can I say - it is awesome!


and a French one <gonna play it it the next


Okay - im gonna buy a new talipiece for that one, cause from what I

could see the one thats on is kinda creepy : P

Now... Im searching a really nice tailpiece. Im gonna put only one,

maybe two tuners (a, e)

Strings? I already got my favourites - Pirastro OLIV.

Kinda expensive but sounds very good.  Except E

string, which i have replaced with an spirocore.

Okay, what comes next.  hmm... nothing for now.

Tell me what would be a good choice for a tailpiece.

Bremkins! ;]

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There are new and magnificent tailpieces made in france. I think they are called B'OIS 'ARMONY, ot "wood of harmony" they are made in different woods, ebony, box wood and rosewood, so you can choose the one that matches your instrument. They have built-in, will-never-rattle fine tuners, and they are very attractive. They are also expensive. the cello ones run about $200, though the violin ones will certainly be much less expensive.

If you're looking for just looks, get whatever matches your pegs, but tailpieces have a big effect on sound.

Love your enthusiasm!


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It's "Bois d'Harmonie," and they are very fine tailpieces. If you want to use multiple fine tuners on your tailpiece this is indeed the best way to go. Reasonable alternatives (non-wood) for good (but not as good) sound are Akusticus and Wittner - Thomastic works on some instruments (no, I've not left out viable alternatives).

If you don't need 4 fine tuners, almost any light-weight wooden tailpiece (with an added Hill-style E-string tuner) will do nicely.


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