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Best E string for Obligatos?


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On my primary instrument (Prague ~1790), I used to be using the Nr.1 E, now I am using the lighter weight Wondertone Solo E. With the Nr.1 I found my A was too loud in balance. On one back up (Mystery Strad model 2005) I am still finding the Nr.1 to be good. It may depend on your violin.

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Originally posted by:
Dan Keller
The Obligato gold

E is loved by many! Dan

yes, i have been curious, why do you not like the Obligato E or

gold E? they should be matched to the set?

it's funny, i've tried a lot of E-strings on my previous violin,

and always came back to the Pirastro Gold Label...however, i had an

Obligato gold E around from a set of Obligatos i bought for my

previous violin (didn't work out), so i replaced the Gold label on

my current violin with that string based on reading the 'whistling

E-string' thread, and i love it! it has a much fuller, warmer,

richer sound than the Gold label! (by-the-by, the rest of the

strings are medium Dominants)



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