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O.K., I guess I'll continue with my present username. But I still cannot find where/how to stop ALL Maestronet posts to show up in my 'private message' folder. I now have 8,888 PM's. In an earlier thread regarding this problem, I was advised to "check my settings". But where, and which settings? And what should they be set at to eliminate this problem? Thanks, Ron1

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Hi Ron1

I think that you may have selected "Category Subscriptions" in the table at the bottom of the Personal Options. Subscriptions can either send you an e-mail or be posted as Private Messages by clicking the radio buttons above the tables. You should clear all the selected topics and categories and submit the update.

Good Luck!

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I have two problems. One is that I cannot post up new topics, and I really need help on something. Whenever I try to post a topic the area to write your message wont load, or itll freeze through half way. And I already downloaded some java program the thing told me to.

And my second problem is that I cant find a cant download my own avatar.Its too big and ill appreciate if someone can tell me where I can find a 70 by 70 pixel picture.

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