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Composers you wish had written concertos?

Lydia Leong

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Hasn't Oldbear heard anything other than "Bolero" out of considerable output of Ravel? While "Bolero" is probably the most famous composition of Ravel, the composer was not particularly fond of it, nor it is exactly a representative of his musical style.

Ravel's "Tzigane" and violin sonatas (I am not too familiar with the early sonata, though) show that Ravel was perfectly capable of writing music without excessive repetitions, and he certainly had flair for writing violin music.


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Originally posted by Theresa:

I'll look for the Khatchaturian next trip out. Can't wait to hear that one!

Do a search for Khachaturian -- I asked about recordings a few weeks back and there were a number of replies.

I'm working on the concerto now (it's one of my favorites), and I've listened to just about all the readily available recordings and some less so. wink.gif"><P>Szeryng

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