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I have them (except for the E strings -I use Kaplan Solutions E strings) on two violins that seem able to use their brightness and strength pretty well. By the time I'm ready to replace them there will probably be something else to try. On both of these fiddles the G string is good all the way up - and these strings re no exception.

One of thesed fiddles is normally quite mellow and the other is rich with a powerful low end (lots of fundamental). I think these strings are good on fiddles like this - fiddles whose "wood" vibrations have plenty of resonance to spare.


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from the Pirastro site the following:

Wondertone Solo

"We have especially modified the core material used for Evah Pirazzi, Obligato and Violino strings.

The result is an all-round string with the following outstanding product features:

Differentiation between Wondertone Solo, Evah Pirazzi and Obligato

The Wondertone Solo has above all a focused, direct and powerful sound. The Evah Pirazzi and Obligato strings have a wider range of sounds and a more complex tone, whereas the Evah Pirazzi is the most powerful. "

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I've had the Wondertone's on for a day or two and played them a bit now.

A description -

I feel like they produce a silvery, glsitening somewhat superficial sound in that one doesn't really get a lot of depth or warmth without much more effort. Easy playing and some response to different pressure and accent but not a wide variety of timbre, I wouldn't thing. I need to play them with an ensemble or a few locations apart from my music room to guage a more objective opinion. Think I am missing something of the warmth of Obligato, there's no doubt.

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I've decided I don't like these although I still haven't played them in a larger space or with an ensemble.

I won't be using them and although they might be right for some fiddles they are certainly not for they ones I am thinking of at the moment.

I find the sound, silky but superficial, as I may have said above, and lacking a bit of bite as well ad warmth. Thought the might be all right for a baroque sound but playing through some Corelli today I don't like the effect there either.

Back to Obligato for me, I think.

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i put them on my violin yesterday and did a gig with them on it

today.  they break in very quickly...... after 15 minutes of

tuning they stabilize and are ready to play.  today at the gig

i had to retune twice and they were only minor


the sound is very projected.  i'd imagine these are NOT good

strings for orchestra. they might be too strong for chamber music

like string quartets unless the other players are using strong

strings too.  they truly are soloist strings.  think of

evah pirazzis, but on steroids.

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The steel A and E together were interesting, but I found playing harmonics on the A to be rather strange. Seems the steel A doesn't have quite the forgiveness of the fatter synthetic versions. I really like the new E (silvery steel version) and am using it all the time on my instrument now.

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Last week I stuck the Wondertone Soloist E that Pirastro sent me last year (which I rejected for use with Obligatos as being too bright) back on with the Enfeld Blues I'm using now. So far it seems like a nice match! I'll be interested to see how the lifetime compares with the wound E's I've been using.

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Evahs are higher tension than many steel strings, to include

Helicore (though that's "gentle" as steel goes...)

And of course the Wondertone are not going to be warm like

Obligato...Pirastro says that much in the string description.

Anyhow, I'm going to try to attach a PDF file of string tension

comparisons that D'Addario sent me once.  I found it to be

somewhat interesting...

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that pdf was interesting, do you happen to have one of viola

strings too? based on the chart, evahs can't be that bad for the

instrument, since steel strings seem to have higher tension.

 i was always worried that evahs put too much tension on the

top of the instrument.  the old fiddler strings seem extremely

high though.

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Unfortunately I only have the one on violin strings, since that's

what I play.

I did find the comparison to be interesting though.  Evahs are

somewhere in the middle of a number of steel strings, and greater

than many of the other synthetics.

What the guy at D'Addario said was that tension isn't the only

thing that matters in comparing strings.  He explained that

"stretch" is something you have to account for as well.  Which

is why, even though the some of the steel strings may not have

really high overall tensions, not all of them will stretch as much

either under the fingers or around a tuning peg.  Thus

requiring fine tuners on all strings for some of the steel strings,

particularly the solid steel ones.  Rope or spiral cores

aren't so bad.

Oh well...I'm babbling now...

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