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Hi all,

I've just put a Luxline D on my fiddle in the last couple of days. It's quite a powerful sounding string, with wonderful resonance and good projection. The only problem is its texture. Due to its construction (wire embedded within the gut - as opposed to the demi filee strings which have wire open would over the gut), it has a slightly uneven texture which one can definitely feel when shifting. Didn't realise the thing wasn't going to be perfectly cylindrical when ordering! Just wondering if others out there have tried "textured" strings like the Luxline, and if texture in a string is something that people feel they can live with.

Thus far, I must say I'm enjoying all of Bernd Kurschner's strings (the others being a wound gut G and a plain gut A), even the Luxline D. They sound very good indeed. Much better than the Pirastro Chorda line, which was my previous attempt at switching to plain gut.

Would be interesting to hear what others think about the texture issue. I might get more strings from Bernd soon, as I need to stock up before a competition in Nov/Dec. Am torn between getting more of the same, or switching to a plain gut or high-twist gut D instead.



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