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I have a persistant problem of ticking the G string when playing on the D especially in the third position. The scoop of my fingerboard is less than 1mm in the middle. The bridge radius is close to the 42mm standard with string heights at the end of the fingerboard of 5.5mm for the G and 3.5 for the E. Sighting from the side with the G and A lined up and the D depressed at the third position 4th finger shows the D crossing over about 1/2 the way between the bridge and the end of the FB. This doesn't leave a lot of available sounding point away from the bridge. I like to move toward the FB for soft passages and the tonal change I get. My teacher's violin has a bridge with a tighter radius and is better in this regard. Since I am a beginner I don't know if I should develop the better technique to cope with this or try to do something about it - ie a new bridge/ lowering the G etc. I know the higher positions force a compression of the sounding point closer to the bridge but third position seems a bit much.

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