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Hi all,

I was hoping to hear your thoughts on a query I have re repertoire for a competition.

When given the task of choosing an hour's worth of repertoire for a competition recital, would it be dated to choose a lyrical and expressive virtuoso work (say, something like the Wieniawski Legende)? I suppose I ought to add that the rest of the program has its fair share of technical elements.

It was common for soloists of yesteryear to play such lyrical showpieces in recital; but I also realise that the focus of recital showpieces seems to have shifted in recent years to the more technical works (rather unfortunately, in my opinion). One seldom hears pieces that centre on the virtuoso's rich and sonorous tone anymore, and that is something I would like to show to the audience.

Penny for your thoughts. Thanks in advance. Cheers!

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