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I think it should read Brevette de S.A.R Me on genuine Breton instruments, but these later Breton factory instruments seem to have changed it slightly. I think maybe Laberte (may be wrong) later owned the Breton patent. I think de .S.A.R has something to do with a French Government department /Patent office or something . I see brevette stamped on case locks ,chinrests , tools ,etc...

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Hi, I'm joining this discussion because I'm about to buy a "Breton breveté".

Brevette doesn't exist (except in "je brevette", part of the verb conjugation). Brevet is a patent, breveté means patented. As for Son Altesse Royale Madame (La Duchesse d'Angoulême), err, I'd like some elucidation, lol!

I guess "breveté de SARMe" ("patended by her highness") means the Duchess was the nominal (titular?) owner of her regional patenting authority?

(I didn't check the date of the discussion, sorry)

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This particular label and the corresponding brand on the back of the button are to be found on violins made by all of the Mirecourt mega-workshops from around 1880 onwards. Once you've seen a  hundred or two you realise that the only common factor (apart from the label and the brand) is that they are generally yellow, though sometimes orange ....


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