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The first violin is a well-made instrument that might sound surprisingly good. Excellent wood on the back as well as top. The scroll is cut decently. The button is interesting enough to catch my attention as well as point out to the origins, which is most likely Czechoslovakia; the years of manufacture would be 1940s to early 60s.

The second violin is a hand-made American. Because of the position of sound holes, it will have a weak sound. The overall quality of craftsmanship is very poor. Personally, I wouldn't touch it.

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Originally posted by:

Hi all,

I cannot help myself of asking this question: Why a luthier wanted to brand the back like this,

if he was the maker luthier? Or Davis Gilbert was a owner who did not care the violin very much, but why?

I'm sure it was the owner (probably a kid) that did it. A maker would have to be out of his tiny mind to do something like that.

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