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I have enjoyed this forum for a few years in the past but, have been absent for almost a year. Life has many changes in store for us and it is important for me at this time to sell virtually my entire shop of tools, 20+ violins, and hundreds of bows, as well as wood, fittings, strings, and parts. Because I'm in a small town, I'll have to go to Tarisio for a few of the violins, bows, wood, and tools then ebay for the rest. I'll be doing a detailed inventory in the next couple weeks but, my violins and bows are not expensive (max in the $2,000 range not the $20,000 range). Most of the violins and bows need some repair. I have 2 high-end kits and a lower end kits. If anyone has serious interest in everything, please contact me privately. I will not sell individual items except through Tarisio or Ebay.

Thanks to all who have so willingly help over the years through this forum.

I live in northwest Florida


(850)380-7111 cell

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