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Best case to protect violin


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I use Hiscox cases.

They are advertised as being able to withstand a full grown man

standing on them. They are robust and nicely fitted. They might be

a bit heavier and a bit 'old fashioned' compared to some other

cases but you can spend another $2000 for carbon fibre case that is

lighter but probably not so strong.

These are what I personally use as a maker...

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I've used the BAM backpacker for several years with great success. No problems on planes; great thermal insulation; comfortable to wear backpack style; comes with rain hood. I would highly recommend it. I also like the Negri cases and have several; but not for travel. www.fineviolincases.com is one of the websites that has them available along with most of the major online retailers.

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Another vote for Hiscox cases.

I've heard a story of a player whose Hiscox case was crushed by an

automatic door on a bus. The case was buckled, but the violin

survived without  scratch. Another violin in a different case

was apparently totally destroyed in the same incident.

I have to say they are pretty heavy, though.


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I just did a Google search on Hiscox and found a UK supplier with

Dollar pricing who obviously exports to USA .

So that could be an option....Tho I'd be suprised if no US dealers

carry Hiscox violin cases...my cursory search showed guitar cases

available. (Hiscox used to be a guitar maker)

I can't emphasise my like of the Hiscox case enough!.(I guess I'm a

bit proud of the fact that they are British too)

In my opinion these cases seem way under priced for what they

are..In terms of instrument protection and value I do not think

there is a case out there to match!...If you want solid no nonsense

protection like I do I fully recomend. The only downside of a

Hiscox is that they are not as light in weight as some cases....I

am happy to live with that!

I like BAM cases too and like BinkWms I use a BAM

backpacker for flying. It is a lovely case and very well thought

out but given the problems with flying these days I might take a

Hiscox because I'm pretty sure it is stronger

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