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What's wrong with Istock1010 in Ebay?


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As a regular bidder for violins in ebay, I have noticed that the

violins offered by Istock1010 attracted no bidders on recent

occasions.  Can anyone tell me if there was anything wrong

with this seller.  I have put in bids before but did not win.

 Now I am worried so I have not put in anymore bids.


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The seller has now made her feedback "private". Regardless, I agree that 5 negs in a month is outrageous. It looks as if she buys most of her stuff on eBay for under $100. She then just turns around and resells it. No wonder the feedback is private. Otgherwise everyone would know what she paid.

Its nice to know that sellers with bad feedback don't get good bids on their items.


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I was able to read the first 2 pages of her feedback before she went Private. Here are 2 of her NEG feedbacks (including her racist reply) along with a couple of her POS ones:

NEG: Don't believe this seller! Fortunately I was not fooled with this junk($6000).

Buyer jin191150( 6 ) Aug-09-06 16:25 7418950129


NEG: Be caueful-seller's trick/no return policy. All violins are junk. It's terrible.

Buyer jin191150( 6 ) Aug-09-06 15:02 7423918928

Reply by lstock1010: Jerk never paid for item. Said it was junk. Sold it again & it appraised for 20K

POS: great ebayer ! thank you for the wonderful violin it is historical AAAA+++++

Buyer nancyrides( 4 ) Aug-08-06 15:50 170013859465

Reply by lstock1010: This is the lady that bought violin jerk Korean didn't pay for Appraised for 20K

(Yeah right. Winning bid for this $20,000 violin was $100. What do you suppose the winning bidder knew that 147 other people who looked at that listing didn't? - Tedski)

POS: delivered as described. Thank you!

Buyer 2439glenn( 67) Aug-15-06 06:08 170014760277

desc.violin said "deeptone" not true. 2-3 day ship not true. color is nice

Buyer rappinfiddler( 2 ) Aug-14-06 16:13 170015015906

Reply by lstock1010: Shipped promptly. Tone is a matter of opinion. Must be looking for trouble! FFF- Aug-14-06 16:35

Rating Mutually Withdrawn: Buyer and seller mutually agreed to withdraw feedback for this item. Learn more.



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lstock seems to have made her feedback public again. I bought one

of her fiddles knowing the label was fake (all of her fiddles have

labels by prestige makers but sell for nothing plus the one I

bought had a pic of a really sh*t scroll. As well, I noted in her

feedback that although she claims not to repair violins, she buys

an awful lot of violin parts). Nevertheless the one I bought turned

out to be a real bargain with a gorgeous dark sound. People at a

workshop I play at regularly come over and take it from me to try

out. I'm not recommending her, mind you. I think she's a hit or

miss seller... doesn't give refunds so I probably wouldn't risk her


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I too have dealt with lstock1010 and who I believe to be her

son Geraldstockdale. I  bid on and won a 1690 Ruggieri. No I

did'nt believe it was real,just a copy.Wrong.Not even remotely.As

Michael Darnton or Jeffrey Holmes put it(I don't remember who) the

only similarity was that it had strings and f-holes. It was a

horrible unplayable waste of wood and wire. I wimped out and didn't

leave her a negative because I saw that she leaves a negative for a

negative and can be quite nasty about it.She promised me a refund

but that never materialized.

 Now on to Geraldstockdale. I bid on a old German

violin which was decent save for the hideous revarnish that dripped

in the f-holes and onto the label.Of course I couldn't see that

'til it was in hand. Then on further inspection of the auction page

I saw that the one bid before me was lstock1010. That would be

shill bidding if they are related correct?

 Both parties live in the same town and if you

look at their listings offer the same type of heavily revarnished

violins that if you do some sleuthing can see came cheaply from

other auctions.

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