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Michael, thanks.

Craig, I would buy it just as a curiosity in and of itself, and I'm with you on the reasonableness issue. Definitely not as an investment. I am intrigued by its unkown history. Who made it; how many different hands have played it; why the beast with the teeth; etc.


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Just wanted to update anyone who was interested in the Hardanger

fiddle photos that I posted here in August.

 Unfortunately, the photos are gone from this site, but some

of you may remember the fiddle.

To make a long story short, I did purchase the fiddle.  An

expert in Norway viewed photos of the Hardanger fiddle, and he

believes that the fiddle was made by an amateur maker in the late

1700's or early 1800's, from Western Norway or possibly from the

area around Numedal, Norway. I am happy to report that

the fiddle is on its way back "home."

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Thanks for posting the pictures--I've been wondering about a backwoodsy fiddle I got in an estate sale package. The family thought it came over from Norway with the grandfather, and looking at the square shoulders, little upper bout and, um, interesting edgework, it could have come from the same area as yours. One difference is that mine has a single turn scroll splice on, but the splice is a scarf joint halfway down the neck!

Dave Gardner

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If you go to http://www.photobucket.com you should be able

to upload the images and specify the size you want the final upload

to be.  Or, you could just upload them as they are, and once

they're uploaded, resize them through the "edit" tool.

To post the photos here, you would then click on the text in the

photo's IMG box, copy, and paste into your MN message.

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Calmed down is a good phrase. I don't know anything about acoustics but I would think that it is too flat on top and with too short f holes to sound much like a hardingfele and I wonder how the understrings would work at that angle.

It actually looks like an instrument I saw at a small upper midwest 'museum' last summer. It was carved by either a 1st or 2nd generation Norwegian immigrant and was an attempt at a 5 string violin.

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