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Visiting Manfio´s Workshop

Marcos Schmitz

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Today I had been to Manfio´s workshop. He showed me his

famous 43 cm viola, that was played by Michael Tree and

Andrés Lepage from Argentina, now playing at our local

orchestra. Manfio just finished the graduation of his next 43

viola. Now he is gluing the bass bar.

Thank you Manfio for the advises on joining, planing edges and

plane setup.

Really that viola has a wonderful and very powerful sound.


I will try to place here some pictures I took.


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Hi Licastro, thank you! Thank you for the basil also, I've made pesto sauce for the next 4 months!

Hi kathyk! It's not the viola that is big, the problem is that I'm too small!!!

Hi Michael! Now it's much better than before my wife's military intervention (not authorized by the United Nations...). The problem that if I clean it I have to stop making instruments, that would be a bad thing, I think you may have the same problem... Thank you!

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Manfio...Good to see your workshop and the great things within. ....The English maker Roger Hansell gave a lecture at the Dartington conference where if I remember correctly he implied that engineers have tidy workshops and artists have untidy workshops...by this criteria (as well as many others,I'm sure!) you are an artist!

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i can't see the pics either at home with Firefox or at work with

Explorer...plus, when i follow the video link, i can't figure out

how to get the clip--it seems to tell me that i need to pay because

the free downloads are all used up, but i haven't even downloaded

it once....aaarrrrggghhhhh! i HATE computers!  

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You need to wait 30 sec then the stupid thing gives you a kind od code 3 capital letters, after entering that you can download. Oh boy.. so many genius in computer programming...

I am a senior programmer for 7 years, It took me 6 mins to figure out.

yes, RRRRRRRRRRRRRRrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

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i finally got the video! *awesome*!  

unfortunately, looks like you can't save it to play later?


that *does* look like one big fiddle!  i think a lot of it

is due to foreshortening, though--your left hand looks about as big

as your head! if the video were shot from straight-on, things might

look somewhat different!  

beautiful instrument and beautiful playing! i love your apartment,

too--those windows are really cool, and looks like a courtyard or

something outside?


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Hi Melving, thank you for that!

Thank you Selim, but I would like to be a better player, but as we say in Italian "poco è meglio di niente" (a bit is better than nothing...). And this viola is a bit too big for me.

Hi Mauricio, thanks for not comenting on my playing, you are a professional... I hope you will see my workshop "in person" soon.

Hi Cassi! I was not able to dowload the video too. I'm quite old fashion indeed, it has been quite cold and damp here...

I live in a house, yes, there is a courtyard outside with a "wild" garden that birds loves, some resistent orchids etc. Ciao! Thank you!

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i forgot, it's winter there! i was being Northern-centric there!


i did finally get the video on about the third try...first couple

of times it said i had exceeded my limit, then finally i got the

'30 second' message that selim mentioned, and was able to download

it!  yay!  

it is great to see you, your workshop, your work, and to see you



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