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String for wet hands.


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I'm using Corelli Alliance string for my violin. But the string,

especially A, is worn too fast. I've changed A string 2 times

during last 2 months.

Maybe it is due to my wet hand or my poor shifting technique. Or

other cause?(too much practice on A?)

Can anyone recommend some resistant string? I have used a Eudoxa,

but it lasted only for 2 weeks.

Thank you.

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The pH of some people's perspiration corrodes aluminium.

Chrome and silver are more resistant to this, as is hydronallium. PIRASTRO produces special Obligatos with chrome A and silver D, and new several types of strings have hydronallium windings (an alloy of aluminum, magnesium, silicon and titanium): eg. Warchal, Thomastic.

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Do you notice worn grooves under the strings on the fingerboard--scratch marks under the G-string? How about corrosion spots on the G-string? I find people who perspire more, often have these problems and the fingerboard can wear quite fast from the persperation and abrasive corrosion spots on the strings.

I don't know if it will help; but what about wiping the strings and fingerboard down each day with a light oil based cleaner?

I have seen "String Oil" sold in shops before and never knew what it was meant for----maybe this is the purpose for it?

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Originally posted by:

string oil is for gut strings

I've heard that before and it makes sense.

But will it hurt synthetic core strings or the fingerboard? It must be composed of a gentle enough oil that it won't. In any case I wouldn't think it could be any worse than not cleaning them.

I checked the Pirastro website and they only mention their string cleaner being used for removing rosin including on Evah Pirazza strings.

Another website mentions it for other uses:

Pirastro-String Care Oil: Protects strings againt humidity, acid and sweat. Use at fingerboard area only.

Bottle 50 ml.


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I tried the guitar oil on violin strings (NOT the bowing region). The feeling of playing is completely different, but in my view not in a good way. It was a mineral oil based product from the smell. I suspect that the silicon-based ones and "lemon" oils would be similar because of the feel when they are used on a guitar. I don't use them personally but I got the mineral oil impregnated cotton stick for my son who was corroding his Gibson electric guitar strings so much that the octave harmonic was nowhere near 12th fret!

I would be suspicious of the silicon or PTFE products, since they can migrate and deposit one molecule deep on to the varnish and the bowing region.

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Thank you for your replies.

I didn't notice corrosion spot on fingerboard, but have some dirt

after every exercise. Maybe my sweat is the cause. I'm trying to

clean strings after exercise with microfiber fabrics.

I hear of string oil for the first time. You mean I should use it

with strings over area of fingerboard? Not with fingerboard. Right?

(Sorry for my English)

I'll try it.

Now, I'm using Thomastik Dominant. I hope it lasts long. I feel

Dominant has lesser tension than Corelli Alliance. I feel much

comfort with E string at high positions.

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The string cleaner mentioned in the article is not the same as string oil - Pirastro makes 2 separate products, string oil and string cleaner. The string oil is for use on gut, and the string cleaner is for general string (and fingerboard) cleaning. I use it on my Obligatos and it works fine (I only use it occasionally, as I try to wipe the rosin dust off with a cloth every time I put the violin away).

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