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Lowering the fingerboard towards the belly

La Fiddler

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I have a violin that has the neck set where in order to get the

correct string height (measured from fingerboard to strings) I

have to have the bridge 32mm tall.  I've been told that

this is too tall for a bridge. The fiddle does sound pretty nice

like this anyway, but I was wondering if there were any tricks to

doing this correction without totally ungluing the neck and

resetting it. Any and all help appreciated. Thanks, JS

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Thanks guys, I was a little off on my measurements, the bridge is

actually 34mm, and end of fingerboard is about 22 mm above belly

and the fingerboard is 4.2mm thick. What are the tolerances? The

fiddle is a good quality old one, sounds a bit like a viola which I

like in a violin. Anyway, thanks

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If you lay a straightedge on the very top of the board, and extend it out to the position of the bridge, without the bridge in the way, the distance down to the top at that point should be 27mm. I don't like going much higher than 27.5mm, but down to 26mm is OK. If you want to measure the angle the D string takes over the bridge, and can do it accurately, 158 degrees, plus or minus 1/2 degree, is good

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