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Things You Can Do With A Violin

Ken Nielsen

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Hi all,

It is a very good title " things You can do with your violin". I would like to add one more thing .

That is,

TO EXPRESS YOURSELF. (to express your emotion through playing)

Once I traveled in an eastern Europian country, on a street a person

played a violin. I stopped and listened then I gave him some money.

I understood all his feeling without a conversation.

He played a dignifying and thankful piece, right after.

Which I was totally impressed. It was all in the music. He was so good.

(to expressed himself so well with a violin)

I didn't know exactly what piece he did play but the following piece is close:

Sicilienne, by Gabreil U Faure, op.78

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Originally posted by:

Yes, quite interesting! Some still seem play-able. Did you notice the invention to create that "played in" sound in new violins?

Oooo, I didn't see that one. So handy too with the little wheels to move it around.

I love art, and things like this have to be done, if for no other reason than to allow creativity to flourish.


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