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I don't think ebay is a good yardstick for violin prices. Also, the violin pictured isn't really a "generic Stainerish factory violin". It is a better-quality trade instrument comparable to the type with "Conservatory" on the flat back of the head, which might go as high as $2000 - or even more - retail.

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Thanks for your responses. This is what I was given:

This violin came to me through a sale locally. Living in glengary

county you can imagine the number of violins in the area dating

back centuries. The instrument is labeled Antonius Stradiuarius

Cremonensis Faciebat Anno 1732. Through the usual stamped label its

age is reflective of the instruments general appearance. The neck

angle indicates the violin was built probably early 1800`s..The

varnish is a beautiful amber of a quality only seen on the best

instruments of that era. The scroll masterfully carved. Nice reedy

voice, harmonics registering in all octaves. The pegs hold well

with tuning easily accomplished with pegs holding tight, the "F"

holes perfectly cut.  

The wood being the highest figured maple for the neck and back.

Medium grain spruce top, ebony fittings. I can't believe what

people pay for new manufactured instruments; many end up here for

repair. The instruments sound like the machine that made them.

The bow is included. Straight permanbucca wood bow, haired with

ebony frog, stamped W.Germany. This bow is exceptional, well

balanced. There is a repair under the end tail and a repair on one

of the bottom plates. Bee sting. Both these repairs where

successfully accomplished, it appears, years ago.

The violin does not come with the case in the pictures. There is a

old case with it, which will do fine when shipped.I can send an

invoice either through a email or on my web site, providing the

buyer has a PayPal account. If not, a money order shall suffice.The

violin comes ready to play. I will accept returns in a timly

manner. Shipping may be around $22 or so. Hope this information is

what you requested.

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The seller is a little optimistic. It is a German trade violin from around 1900 - 1925. The quality on these rages from fair to decent. I certainly wouldn't buy without full return privileges, as it's possible it may not have corner blocks, or at least be missing the upper blocks. The fingerboard looks like dyed hardwood, not ebony.

The neck angle does look a little low, but not because it was made in the early 1800's. It just needs a pull-up.

The finish is nothing special, nor is the wood, IMO.

I'm not a violin expert, but I've sure seen enough of these violins to know them pretty well. Jenkins Music sold a ton of them in Kansas City during the teens and twenties.

If it were me, I'd save my money for something better.

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