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Stephen  Fine

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So I've got this rare recording of Karen Tuttle performing a Haydn Divertimento and I'd like to get my hands on the music, but I can't figure out exactly what it is and how to get my hands on it.

I thought, "Perhaps someone else has performed it." Maybe Primrose (Tuttle's teacher)... so after a little sleuthing I find a Primrose recording where he's playing a divertimento by Haydn.


But, it is listed as an Unspecified Divertimento... and perhaps it's not even the same one.

The movements are listed on my recording as

I. Adagio

II. Minuetto

III. Allegro di Molto

It's a short little piece. Only 10 minutes or so. Help if you can.

Question 1: Does anyone have that Primrose recording and is it the same Divertimento?

Question 2: Does anyone know of any Divertimento performed on viola that fits the bill?

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I don't have the Tuttle recording but I do have the Primrose recording. It seems to me that they are playing the same one indeed.

The divertimento in question was orginally transcribed by Gregor Piatigorsky for cello and piano and later adapted for viola by Henri Elkan (my viola-piano copy is published by Elkan-Vogel Inc. a subsidiary of the Theodore Presser Company). Primrose however does not follow Elkan's edition in terms of register. He plays many passages an octave higher than the Elkan edition. There is also a recording by Piatigorsky himself. His performance has been reissued on Biddulph LAB 117 (don't know the current availability). Hope this helps.


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