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Personal Request/Question of Board Members

Gray Violiner

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Why do the majority of the members here have their profile visibility turned off? On the old board there was at least a little information on the profiles. With the privacy function on the new board you never know who you are talking to unless you've been around here a while and know the old timers.

I'm not nosey but it's really nice to click on someone's picture, find out generally where they live, if they are male/female, if they have a personal website, etc. It makes things friendlier, IMHO.

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Originally posted by:

I'd guess that the default setting is off and most people haven't found out where to turn it on?

It seems it does default to off, but when they switched to this new layout my brain went into overload trying to set up my account and I've forgotten!

If anyone needs a quick lesson on how to set it (because it can be hard to find!), let me know.

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It's apparently a feature to prevent bots from harvesting your e-mail address for spamming purposes. I think you'll find that everyone's published e-mail address has that included. The idea is that a human will understand that it needs to be removed, while a program won't. I wonder if that assumption's valid; you'd think it would be easy enough to code around. -Steve

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