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Durro bows

Gary Hounshell

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A couple of years ago, I got a bow (only the stick) in a batch of

other parts.  It was barely legible, but labeled Durro.

 I put a new frog, tip, grip and hair on it and it is a really

good bow, at least for my playing skill level.  Can anyone

tell me anything about Durro?  All I can find on the web is

composite bows and would like to know something about the

pernambuco bows of the past.

Thanks,  Gary

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Durro is a name associated with Buegeleisen & Jacobson (mercifully referred to as B&J), wholesalers in New York in the early 1900's. Salvadore de Durro (possibly a 'trade name' or a company executive) is on the label of many of their fiddles, some of good quality, likely imported from germany. The Durro bows, some of good quality were probably also imported from germany.

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