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Roth rib thinning?

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I realize that this is getting off topic, but Michael's post reminded me of my first violin that had a terrible setup. I almost quit playing until I tried one with a great setup. Both were cheap imports, but the setup was key. Then I moved up to better insturments.

Mike in NJ

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The quality of sound produced by a beginner may be X percent a result of the player, but the issue is something of a red herring as far as deciding what quality of instrument a beginner needs.

Hand a good instrument to a beginner and you open up their world entirely. They get very positive feedback when they're doing things right (the violin sounds great), they get very clear feedback when they're doing things wrong (the instrument sounds not-great). A beginner with a good instrument will get better faster than a beginner who's got a 'well set up' tin can that sounds the same no matter how they play.

Although the interaction is complex, the potential of the instrument puts a cap on the development of the violinist, so be very very careful making assumptions about how little difference it would make to a beginner to have a "nice-sounding" (i.e. responsive and flexible) violin. A great violinist may be able to make a tin can sound pretty good, but my bet is that most such players learned that such sound is possible by playing good instruments before they ever applied themselves to overcoming the limitations of a tin can.

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