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After taking my profile public, I tried to add a REMOVEME to the email address, not realizing it was an automatic feature. Result: My Mark_W profile is unusable at my daytime computer. The password was reset, and no longer works.

I then attempted to set up a new user, Mark_W2. That one doesn't work either, because of M-Net software updates. Apparently new users have to install Java, which our heavily firewalled corporate system won't allow. So, my 'old' original user name, with its history of thousands of posts, is lost to me except from my home computer--all of this despite the fact that my e-mail address is the same as it always was.

Any solutions? I don't want Mark_W2; it's useless and has no history.

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I think would do it; when you are at home and able to post under your original screen name account, go into your profile and change your email to the correct form, it should then email you a new password to that email account. Then you can always change the password back or to whatever you'd like.

Back at work, you can login once again to your original screen name.

Would that work?

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