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I am in the process of shopping for a new viola and have an

opportunity to purchase a really nice Eredez viola at a very good

price.  It is a little big for me but nothing I cannot

realistically handle, has beautiful tone and is in excellent shape.

 I know its total history, from the time it left Eredez's

hands till now and the information is accurate.

I've done a search here and have dug up very little, but the

article in the Strad was very enlightening.  I did not know

that Eredez and Rivka Golani were married at one time.  My

viola teacher was a one time student of Golani's and this is her

(my teacher)  viola.  Or that Joseph Curtin actually

started learning the craft from Eredez.

I would like to know the board's opinion on Eredez's instruments in

general.  Are they generally good?  Workmanship?

 Any known issues?



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I've tried one Erdesz owned by a friend, a "normal" non-cutout model. Appearance was attractive, workmanship (as far as a non-conoisseur player can judge) by no means the neatest but in a nice sort of way if you know what I mean. (I gather that's pretty much the way his instruments are). Sound and response were wonderful- I was very jealous.

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Never saw the the violas, but I heard a great report about a violin he made when he lived here in NJ. Apparently he was a very restless guy who moved about. Anyway, it was said he could make a fiddle out of a milk crate. He wasn't very reverent about using classical models, either. I have a feeling he's going to be a very collectable maker, if he isn't already.

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