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Help! My child is studying violin but loves the cello...


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Hi! My children (Dora 8 years old, and Pedro 5) are studying the violin with the Suzuki method. The teacher is quite good and they like the classes. But Pedro, since he was very very little (2 or 3 years old) is mesmerized by the cello, and the cello mania is as strong as ever. Today he asked me to take my cello out of the case (I don't play it, I've just made it to have a quartet at home) and now he is there with a huge (and expensive... ) 4/4 cello saying he loves the bass sound... He never does that with his violin... There are cello teachers here but we have no cello player in the family to help him in his studies, as we do with the violin. And we live in a chaothic city, with a horroble trafic, and we take both too to the violin classes. I've allways imagined that he can study the cello when he get older, but...

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I'd say, find a cello teacher- Suzuki is good for Cello too. If you are violinists, you can help in MOST of the same stuff. Intonation, etc. The Cello and Instrument "holds" will be a little different, but being a strings person is the more important part. In my School districts Saturday class, I had a young lady come up to me in January, 11 years old, who has been playing violin, starting w/ Suzuki training for SEVERAL years. She has good vibrato and knows her positions, but She feels somewhat stagnant in her school orchestra, and wanted something to challenge her, like the cello. I gave her a bit of instruction, and occasional remeinders about hold, and she is going GREAT GUNS! WOW! And she LOVES IT!

If the local Suzuki association has a group studio location, you might be able to schedule the violin and cello lessons to make one trip instead of two. But, if I read your signs aright, your little guy is very motivated to learn cello. He already understands the practice issue, and perhaps you or his Mom would like to expand your own boundaries and learn cello with him. You already have a full iszed instrument, for petes sake!

Thats my 2 cents.



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Sounds great!

My daughter [11 yrs old] plays violin, piano, recorder, acoustic

guitar, and sings.

She likes to listen to classic rock on the radio and recognizes Led

Zeppalin [sp?] and many other rock bands from the '70s.

My wife would shoot me if I got her an electric guitar.

When my wife and I teach at a certain summer music camp, our

daughter always studies something new. Last summer she took string

bass and harp.

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String-along's suggestion is outstandingly excellent!

A rational adult violinist can probably transition to cello "almost" seemlessly. At age 14 I played cello with an adult string quartet 10 days after I was first first handed the instrument - and I did OK. I had started violin lesons at age 4.

There are serious differences in teh way one uses ones hands and arms for violin and for cello - and to learn these a cello teacher is almost essential. But the principles of applyhing the finger and bow foorces to the strings are the same - so opne learns the posture essentials for doing it with balance and a minimum of physiical work and stress. The book "New directions in Cello Playing" by Victor Sazer can be most helpful (even if one has a teacher). Also the on-line writings by Gerhard mantel are very good - he also has a published book "Cello Technique."

There are small cellos available to fit an 8-year old, but unfortunately it is difficult to get one with good bass sound. But for that matter, not all 4/4 cellos have good bass sound either.


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I concur as well. I have a 10 year old daughter, she is now in Suzuki Cello book 4. She started on the violin at age 5, and played it through end of book 3. She loved the low strings too, and she tore through the first couple of cello books because of her background in violin. Many of the songs are the same, it is just position and procedure that are different.

If your son has an affinity for the low strings, let him go.

Now, I have a string quartet at home, ages 13, 12, 10 and 8!

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