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PIANO COMPOSITION! (and others!) Comment please!:>


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This is a Piano composition made by me. Im also playing it



and another one of my compositions:



Heres a link with an .mp3 file which contain Wieniawski Caprice

no. 2 & Gavinnie Caprice no. 2 executed by me.

Well, this is not all the caprice - I stopped recording in the


This is my first home recording, so don't laugh,please  

Please comment it :>

1. "http://www.speedyshare.com/603257622.html ">WIENIAWSKI CAPRICE


2 ."http://www.speedyshare.com/712669626.html">GAVINNIES CAPRICE


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Bremkins - I wanted to listen, I really did - but I'm not bright enought to figure out how to get to your piece. Of coourse, I don't have my glasses on, so maybe I am missing something important - but I thought I did all that was asked of me. I will try again, and if I get through, I will get back here. I hope someone does! Shirley

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I enjoy your playing nickia, nice dynamics, lots of feeling, great sounding violin, clear recording, accurate and personal. Critique is maybe you are letting yourself have too much fun with expression and over-doing it in a few spots where it would simply be better to hear nice moderate playing that just conveys the notes being played and not so much emotion running off with the notes. I'm no expert, I'm just conveying my impression while listening. Your feeling expressed is a wonderful part of your playing, I don't want to make you think I am not enjoying that, I am. It's just a few spots where I think would be better to hold back - these few spots sounded a little frustrated and trying to make up for it by over-playing. I'm really glad you can put so much feeling into your playing so don't take this the wrong way.

Does that make any sense?

Suggestion, if there are spots where you are not prepared well enough and are frustrated, play those in the opposite way, soft, easy for a while, letting all of your mind and playing skills grasp and take better command of these parts. Then, later when it is easy to do so, put the punch back in.

Thank You, I enjoyed it very much and listened to it all, something I would not do if it were not good.


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Thanks Nickia for hosting, commenting, and also Thanks Ken for a so

nice comment!

I agree with you Ken, that there are many spots arent practiced

enough, so Im trying to "make-up" them by overPlaying..hehe ;p

I've got few more days till my exams... brr, I will try to do

anything with that :>

Btw. the violin is 4 years old only, and im impressed by its


Well, I admit i have changed couple of things myself.

Like chinrest, tailpiece etc. for better ones, and it really

changed the way of ..everything :]

Ahh, i like the Dominant strings, which are really comfortable to

play - full of warm sound, makes the violin worth 1.000$ more.

but they are very soft (infact this is a "weich" model

which mean they are the softest of 'em all) and that makes really

difficult to play sometimes - talking about jumping from low

positions to high ones etc. cause you dont know where to stop your

finger on (since you dont have attrition.. in poor words).

What can I say,

I will get better in the next days, so I will update the topic by

posting a final version of the piece.

Hope you enjoy it

Btw. Im also playing Gavinnie' <bad spelling i think lol>

Caprice, which is really difficult for me. Well, hardness consist

in playing it all in one tempo, fast tempo. Heh

I'll try to upload it tomorrow too.

Thanks for commenting! :]

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Hey :]..

I wanted ask you, If you are in the right mood to listen  my

pieces :>..

You know it's not easy to bring'em to a good level, is it?

Hehe, I see that you've downloaded it couple of times, but it would

be nice to hear any comments (critical too).


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I agree with Ken that in the Wieniawski the tempo varies too much; it sounds as if you're trying to be expressive, but aren't really sure how to do it yet, and are letting the technical difficulties decide for you. I'm sure that if you had a little more time you could fix this.

About the Gavinies -- I think you're doing great. I know you recognize the little intonation issues, or you wouldn't be playing so well in tune most of the time. If you want to make this more expressive, you could do a little more with dynamics, especially during all the sequences, while the tempo stays steady. If you've only got a couple of days left until exams you won't have time to do much. It's hard to get new ideas to feel natural in only a couple of days. I don't know how tough your faculty is, but if I had a student like you, I'd be pretty happy! Good luck!

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One thing at a time. The Wieniawski (for now).

I probably heard it before in my life, but was not very familiar with it. And when I heard it played by you, I quickly fell in love with the music. So you obviously brought out the music well enough!

I would consider that a good compliment if anyone heard me play something which is technically difficult, as this this seems to be.

There are many nuances too, which come out clearly in your playing. I KNOW it's challenging to do that with technically difficult music.

To prove that I'm not really familiar with this caprice, I'll say that I couldn't make out if you actually played the last note(s) of it.

OK then, so you are a very decent violinist.

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I wanted to say "Thank you" for posting these. It's very nice playing on some tricky etudes. I think it's particularly nice to have recordings of etudes - I find when I'm working on one, I'm so "close" to the music - that is, working on this or that technical detail,etc. - that it can be hard to stand back and hear the etude as a piece of music. So it's helpful to hear someone else's complete playing, to give a better sense of the entire study. And of course, it can help to have an "aural image" to guide the mind and fingers. So I particularly appreciate your posting the Gavinies etude - I haven't found any recordings of these.

About the Wieniaswki - if you can find the recording of Igor and David Oistrakh playing the entire set, you can have some fun by playing along. The two violin parts are pretty well separated by the stereo recording; on my stereo, I can turn the balance all the way to the left and hear only violin 1. If I turn the balance to the right, it's almost completely violin 2 (but not totally, there's a low volume 'hint' of vln 1), still if you wanted to play along with the Oistrakh's, it might be do-able. -)

I see that Ilya Gringolts has a recording of the full set, but I don't know if you can play the same trick ...

Regards, and keep up the good work!

Larry Samuels

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Thank you for sharing!!!

You are absolutely on the right track with the Gav.

Most are already in the right places and the things that are not are very soon, way to go!

If I may add some critique it would be the bow use.

If you would be astudent of mine, I would first be very proud , then I would ask you to take the tempo down to about half and just let you use only 3-5 centimeters of the bow at the frog. So you would have more singing tone with a slower bow nearer to the bridge.

But that is something we all always have to practice on

It is very good that you practice with the metronome and I must say that you are very good at following it, better than many of us are

Thank you again for sharing and please do again!

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Hi people! :]

I just returned from my exams and... It was much better than on

recordings ..

Got 22 on 24 points (note: 24 points are possible to get only if

you have participated to a competition)

Im proud of myself, well it wasnt so bad

I must say thank you 2 u, because  you did help me alot with

your motivations..

Thanks again! :]

Whats coming next?::::::::  Eduard Lalo' - Symp.

Espagnole 1st movement,


- Souvenir de Moscou



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