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In general, people on this board in the past have seemed underwhelmed by Zyex violin strings, and I wonder if that's because most tried the medium-gauge strings. The medium-gauge strings felt as tense as most heavy-gauge synthetic strings that I've tried, and were probably unsuitable for many violins.

On the other hand, the light-gauge strings feel about as tense as most medium-gauge strings that I've tried. I like them better on the violin in question than the Obligatos that replaced them. They're just as refined, but warmer and more brilliant. Even gut-like. A number of professional violinists I've spoken to about the light-tension strings have shared this opinion.

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One other thing--I find it interesting to qualify strings in terms of how 'hard' or 'soft' their response is.

Some of Pirastro's strings have a very soft response--Tonicas...Eudoxas...Obligatos are probably medium-soft...Evah's somewhat harder.

Helicore strings are probably medium-soft...Zyex strings, somewhat harder...

Does this make sense to anyone? I'm talking about the feel under the bow (and it's not directly related to tension), not the feel under the fingers.

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For me Zyex strings (I tried them when they first appeared) did not provide the higher partials that I like in violin sound - even the thin ones did not appeal to me; the thick were almost useless, and the mediums did not sound good on my violin or on others I heard. Some more money I wasted!

If you were looking for any feedback.


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I tried Zyex on my Viola and absolutely hated them.  Lasted

all of 4 days.  The strings were a set of demos from a local

store.  They've been on another viola for a very short time

also.  Seems the other person hated them on his instrument


 They felt soft under the fingers, response was slow, tone was

dull, almost muted sounding.  The C string was esp bad, A

string was not particularly brilliant.  Overall a very "blah"

kind of experience for me.  Currently using Stark Obligato C,

Mittel Obligato G and D and a medium Larsen A.


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I agree, I really liked them on one of my violins and still use them for that particular instrument.

I think a lot of it depends on what strings you are coming from. If you are usually a Thomastik user then you probably won't like them but if you are a Pirastro user then maybe you will. I found them a very good step up after using Pirastro Synoxa.

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I've been hooked on Zyex strings since they first came out. Or rather, my violin is hooked on them. I used them exclusively then got caught up in all the hoopla about other brands of strings, so I've tried several others. My violin simply doesn't sound worth a hoot with any other strings. I do use the Kaplan Solutions E string because the Zyex E always was a bit shrill to my ear.

Strings are like designer shoes: what fits one person's feet won't fit another's feet even if they are the same size shoe for the same sized feet. Ask my poor husband who lives with my 200 pair of them!

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I've tried Zyex strings but prefer Evah's. Zyex strings break in quickly and are very stable. I agree that fans of Thomastic strings probably won't like them nor will Zyex fans like Visions. I think the differences in the different strings are more apparent to the player than a listener but it's players who buy strings.

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Actually I quite like Visions (even though I use Zyex on occasion) but maybe that's because my jobbing violin has Helicores, which are a little closer to Visions.

I liked the fact that Zyex strings break in quickly and more importantly, last for ages. I used to like Pirastro Udoxas but found that they would wear out quickly and the windings would corrode. I don't really want to be changing strings all the time and having to play them in before a gig. Also, I don't want to be spending all that money! I tend to judge strings according to practicalities, not just aesthetics.

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Soundboot said:

"If you are usually a Thomastik user then you probably won't like

them but if you are a Pirastro user then maybe you will."

and oldgeezer said:

"I agree that fans of Thomastik strings probably won't like


what is this general difference between Thomastik and Pirastro?

responsiveness, or what?



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Hmm...a hard question to answer. IMO, Thomastik's synthetic strings do have a different "personality" than Pirastro's. To me, Pirastro's synthetics generally sound fuller and more refined; Thomastik's generally are a little more brash and powerful sounding.

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