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Recording onesself?

Jeremy Osner

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I seriously looked at the presonus, and yes - if you have six pinned firewire, it will power it. However, my laptop and every other one I've seen is a 4 pin. I suppose I could have gone with a pcmcia card, but I didn't want to keep buying things.

The alesis unit is working out well enough. My only complaint with it is that it doesn't provide as much gain as I liked (at least not without getting noisy.)

Aaton- I've used their motion picture cameras quite a bit. If the audio is anything like the film gear, it's going to be very very good. And a steal at only 18k.

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Originally posted by:
Michael Darnton
For the man

who likes knobs. And sliders. And meters. And buttons:

Only $18,000.

Maybe we can all chip in, and share it.

Nagra makes some very nice [and very expensive] products as well.

Top notch convertors and pres combined with portability and

reliability would make these attractive tools for many


I certainly can't afford them!

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