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That is exactly what we all should try to achieve:

Totally economic technique.

Watch him. Again and again. There is no unnessecary motion, neither in his left nor in his right hand - his economic approach is even better than Heifetz's (Look at the Pag capriccio recording at the same site - especially the octaves in Var 3).

More highlights:

The boy doesn't show the least "virtuoso attitude", he just plays and looks as if he plays just for himself.

If he is not "burnt out" by stupid grown ups he will most likely become one of the great _musicians_ of the next generation (and a great vituoso as well).

Very good phrasing and organic leading from one theme to the next.

Best kid I ever heard and saw.

Watching his technique makes all discussions about posture, role of the thumb in shiftig, bow hold etc. obsolete.

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Originally posted by:

Holy moly. The kid sounds JUST like Heifetz. I mean, exactly like Heifetz.

Just now seen and heard it.

I also recognized it to be a Heifetz recording (you mean the pronounced "B"?). (and watching it, confirmed it...obviously).

Very nice perfomance (of the boy), actually, and quite imaginitive and fanciful.

(NB not performed to perfection)

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I'll admit that I at first was wondering if it was going to be ME to break the news to expert Maestronetters here, as to what this was. But on seeing the comments, after seeing the violin performance, no one here had any problem!

(since everyone here is being wise in their posts, I decided to step down a notch. I always like to be different!)

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