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Looking for a African American Violinist/fiddle player


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         My name is Brandon DePaul.

 I send you this letter in hopes

that you can help me with a problem that I have.   I have a


profesional Dave Matthews Tribute band that has had stellar acclaim


the Dave Matthews community and currently we are seeking, an


American Violinist/fiddle player to complete our lineup.  

This is no

easy person to find.  We have worked hard at creating the look

as well

as the sound, hence forth the African American and not just any

violinist/fiddle player.   Again this is totally


situation, and the players our compensated very well.  We


incredible management that is waiting for us to fill this hole


continue their booking process. If you or anyone you know, who

would be

interested in this position, please have them contact me as soon


possible for an audition.   My contact info is

billiesinfo@gmail.com or

(585) 202-7991.   I sincerely thank you in advance and look

forward to

hearing from you or your students

Best Regards

Brandon DePaul


It was suggested in another forum that this was possibly racist.

 Let me clarify that.  It's not.  I thought so too,

initially, and made exactly the same remark.  But the

character that they want played in the show is African American.

 I don't think it's racist.

This was Brandon's response when I made the same, identical


Hello ___, thanks for responding.  You are not being

difficult, its a

legitamite question.  The reason is we are a Dave Matthews


band, and the Dave Matthews Band violin player is African American,


its kind of like theater.  For example, Tom Hanks is a great

Actor, but

he could never play the role of Malcom X.  Only Denzel

Washington.  We

are trying to recreate the sound, as well as the look.  Do you


someone,who might be interested?  Once again thanks for your





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