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Too Late For What?


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Originally posted by:
Andrew Victor


Perhaps you are still young and have not yet reached your peak - it sounds like that to me. Great - keep going.

But I am trying to address those who fear starting as adults.

One thing I failed to address above was the amount of playing a person does to improve. I recall well the ~30 months that I took cello lessons; I probably averaged close to 1,000 hourse per year during that time. I also worked on various violin concertos diuring this time period, in addition. That is serious time and if adults aspire to get reasonably good they will have to think in terms of how they will put in thousands of hours of productive practice. It's not JUST that simple, but that is part of it. Part of playing a string instrument is "gymnastics" and you have to put in the time, brain-power alone will not do it.


I suppose "brain power" might be what it boils down to. i.e. things related to the brain, might be what cuts out the need for many hours.

Not only that, but the fact that the body easily does what the brain wants, would also help the brain to believe it can continue giving orders how to improve things even further.

Well, I wouldn't want to argue much more now. I would say it is correct to say that you cannot fight against G-d, but you CAN pray to him. i.e. G-d is the one weho decides. But praying is what allows a person to continue hoping for more, even if you really don't feel it coming. And i'd imagine that there CAN be found ways worth trying.

I don't know exactly, but I think there is a whole area of research called something like neuro-feedback. I wonder if that can make a substantial difference (other things too). Then there are things like Rolfing and its variations, which train the body (with deep corrective massage etc.) to function and perform more like that of a younger person. I'm sure many things have not yet been explored in a determined way just to see what CAN be done.

However I can also well believe that not many people can be bothered anymore when they're well passed middle age. It's enough to want to become a fully righteous person, before it's too late, and to think about introspection and the truth of things, especially a religous person.

Am _I_ still young and not reached my peak? well, I think not yet. I'm by far, not in the easiest of life situations to be a high achiever, and to bring it right out into the open. But I'd estimate that with a bit more time to myself and life conditions, and a bit more mental and physical facility which I hope to have come my way, together with my natural feeling and enthusiasm, I'd probably make another small leap in violin playing improvement.

I'm already giving up, because I have other more important things to achieve still, in life, and I never intended to be bogged down only on this. When I joined Maestronet in the year 2000, approx. I was intending much more than what seems I'd aim for, now. However, life conditions did not permit.

I don't know if anyone will EVER now hear me play the violin the way I WANTED it to sound like. In fact the only thing I've not yet done is to give up and actually put the lid on it.

I always felt it correct and true to encourage others including myself not to think it is too late. I thought it to be a misconception, to quite a big degree, and that life is too precious to just give up, and that people go too much with the flow and with what others say.

It is also sensless, however, to alot two years for the violin, and if because of circumstances there was not the freedom to do what one COULD have done, and therefore to make it another 2 years, still, being that there is much more to do in life, and still after those 4 years life did not permit for certain reasons.

Then to decide 10 years later "oh, what a shame! now I'll give it one last chance" and then again, even though it should have succeeded, other things got in the way. And in the end, at the age of 90, to still say "now i'll give it 2 more years and THAT'S IT!!!! and then I'll at last coninue my other studies, and then I'll find a great job, and then I'll get married, at long last". If I was 90, I think I'd already skip the violin and go straight on to the other things already!

By the way, that would be true if my idea was to be a startling young virtuoso. But if my idea was to be an older person who can get a decent tune from the violin, well, I'd hope there would still be time at a later stage! (but for now, first things first).

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By the way, I'm getting quite staggered recently by the large number of people it says are tuned in to this forum, most of them are not even members, so It's certainly not possible to know w ho they are. It could be ANYONE.

I'd like to know if anyone who thinks they know me are reading any of my posts, and I'd be interested to be e-mailed at stuataylor@yahoo.com

Everything I have ever written on this forum is disclaimed, for anyone who knows me from elsewhere! (it could even be a couple of relatives. Please let me know if so [i'm sure you won't!!!]).

Anyone who knows or remembers me from anywhere else would be given different details. What I write here is not for you!

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