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Longer viola tailpiece or Sacconi's tailgut


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I want to shorten the string afterlengh in my 43 viola, that is 75 mm now. The problem is that my Sacconi nylon tailgut is on it's maximum lengh and my tailpied is only 125 mm. Are there longer tailpieces or Sacconi's viola tailguts? I kow Bois d'Armonie makes a 135 mm vila tailpiece but I would prefer another maker.

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To the best of my knowledge the longest Wittner tailpiece is 125mm. This is what is listed in their catalogue, and I use them.

Even for the "regular" length Conte Vitale the tailgut (nylon Sacconi type) has to be set quite long when using this tailpiece.

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I don't know any supplier in America that sells those, except for Eric Meyer who makes fittings to order by hand, but that will be somewhat expensive. SVS Tonewoods (www.tonewood.sk) has various lengths available and is usually good about international shipping, in my experience.

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