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Looking for 3/4 cello


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Hi all

Any opinions on a very good 3/4 cello? Not a "student" model, no laminates please. Would like great tone and craftsmanship, and attractive.

With some of my injuries I'm considering "downsizing." I own a 7/8 but still seem to squirm a lot trying to get comfortable without overstressing my arm(s) and shoulders. Even my hips are a bit challenged these days.

I know it is unconventional for an adult to play a smaller instrument, but sometimes we need to think and live outside of the box! It is worth a try, anyway.

Thanks in advance.


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Where are you located? Are you near Pennsylvania? 3 years ago I bought a 3/4 size John Jusek cello from Violin Makers Limited which is in Camp Hill, Pennsylvania. I am very satisfied with it. It is good looking and has an "adult" sound. For the cello and two bows and a hard shell Bobelock case, I paid a little under $5,000. The shop's website is www.vml123.com

I was talking with the owner just yesterday and he said that at the moment his shop was filled to overflowing with cellos.

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Hi Elisabeth,

Thank you for your information. That is about the price range which I am considering.

I live in San Diego and generally purchase instruments from Robert Cauer in Los Angeles. I'll check with Mr. Cauer as to his having a Jusek 3/4. I believe I have seen them at his shop before.

Do you play a 3/4 or is it for someone else?

Thank you.


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