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The other evening, a friend called to tell me that Andre Rieu was on PBS. My friend, who doesn't play an instrument and usually doesn't listen to Classical music, nonetheless does like Andre Rieu. As we listened together to his lush Strauss presentation for Everyman, I found myself feeling grateful that his music has such an effect on so many people. But then my friend had an interesting question; he wanted to know how good a violinist Rieu is; in other words, could he solo and be successful at it? Anyone know him, or his past musical background, and how good is he?

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The greatness of a violinist is measured by his influences to people. In Andre Rieu case, he has great influence (moves emotionally)

to a great number of people in his audences. He brought on a lot of joys to many people. He is good in

what he was doing in a noisy environment where it was an open field ,with clapping hands and talked loud audence.. He is a pretty good classically trained violinst. I do not know the soloist part of the question. Somewhat irrelevent. IMO

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well, Andre Rieu is a pop star, and he plays huge crowds. let´s say while Joshua Bell plays the Philharmonic here in Berlin with 1800 seats, Andre Rieu plays the Waldbühne open air in front of 25,000! that´s quite a difference, isn´t it?

so he´s really doing great in making classical music popular, even it´s just in a light version. i once saw a kind of documentary about him including backstage footage etc. and it was clear he is a really GOOD player. wether he would be an outstanding soloist - who knows? maybe he would just be "average" in the top league, but sure he is a GREAT business man, and as Yuen says he reaches LOTS of people, which i believe is a huge benefit for the entire classical genre.

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As you may know André Rieu has the Dutch nationality as I have.

Music loving people here can simply be divided into two groups of which one does not want to hear too difficult music and another group wants to hear the classical works. For the first group André is just an entertainer providing thousends of people with easy and well known melodies mostly of Strauss. There are lots of examples of good entertainers but they never last so long. But for the moment lots of people have fun and enjoy the way he is entertaining.

For the other more serious group and among the calssical oriented music lovers there are doubts if he can act and perform as a solo violin player with the standard violin concerto works.

There will come a time that the audience is saturated and a new artist will show up. We only have to wait and see when that happens. Like always with this kind of business it's coming and going like a wave.

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I enjoy Andre Rieu. I have a number of his DVDs. I think he is a fine entertainer and has hired some fine musicians that enhance his work efforts. His own playing is pleasant - supported by a nice-sounding vibrato - and an attractive appearance while playing. There are times when he picks pieces that stretch his solo efforts and it becomes clear that he is not one of the great virtuosos. His touted "1668" Strad doesn't seem that remarkably voiced, either.

He really does pack in an audience and they enjoy what he does.


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andre in my book is the best thing that has happened to the

classical violin world since jack benny.  all i know is that

he is not as funny but plays better.

so how good is he?  OBVIOUSLY GOOD ENOUGH!

without him, you will be more invisible and worthless, lol!

andre has inspired many youngsters to look up violin has a fun and

joyful instrument.  who cares about heifeitz.  they can


Andre has made the focus not on the violin or his playing but

on the music and its effect on the people.  he has

made people excited about classical music, to get up and dance in

the hall and in front of  the TV. my family did

and we loved it.

many people on this forum brush aside his contribution and laugh at

his choice of music.   if  you  think

andre is not much of a musician because of your doubt in his solo

ability,  let me hear yours.

wasn't strad modified to play modern music as well? how

insulting  to the classical world!

andre loves what he does and he is the best in what he does.

 to me, that is success. without an audience, you

are nobody as a performer.

nothing wrong with being a pop star. in your dreams if one day you

become one you will not be the first one to complain.  

long live andre!

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Originally posted by:
That's the difference between the 'classic masters' and the entertainment of today. They are all driven by business and money.

i don´t quite get the difference you want to point out. besides, what´s wrong about selling your talent as good as possible? if your art doesn´t feed you you can´t committ to it the way you ought to (cos you have to make money elsewhere). many musicians are stuck in this dilemma.

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There was in some MN thread a discussion about the salary of Anne Sophie Mutter where she asked an surrealistic salary for a performance of a violoin concerto in London.

The directory wisely did not invite her and finally she had to go down with her price. In this example there is not the goal to let other people enjoy of your gift but only to make as much as possible money.

Of course you have to make some money if that is the profession you chose. But for the real artist is making music to the best you can the first issue.

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john tesh's talent dominates elevator, dental office and other high

traffic spots.

i think this thread argues over whether there is too much

entertaining and not enough artistry, versus too much artistry and

not enough entertaining....

or not enough entertaining or artistry,

or too much entertaining or artistry,,,what am i saying...

anyway, can't please all the people all the time.

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For anyone who watches Food Network, I think Rieu is a lot like Emeril. Is he the greatest chef in the world? No. Could he get a job as chef at Ducasse? I don't think so. But he's personable, a great entertainer, has a good concept for a show, cooks what the average guy on the street likes (nothing too complex or time-consuming), and gears his show toward people who would otherwise never tune in for a cooking program. I've been to one of his restaurants and it's the same concept -- average food, winning ambiance. Nothing wrong with it, if that's what you like.

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Interesting Thread - I see a lot of responses posturing to defend him against the Maestronet snobs that never appearred. I don't see how anyone can be offended by what he does, and it appears he doesn't offend many due to the lack of negative responses here.

Rather than the John Tesh of violinists (John Tesh is a composer, who used to be a somewhat sarcastic TV host of a cheesy entertainment television magazine show, but is actually a decent musician who composes and performs easy listening "new age" music), I would characterize Rieu as the Liberace of the violin, but with a more masculine, broader appeal.

He performs what he plays well. One of the arts of the performer is knowing what you do well and delivering that to the audience. There is nothing wrong with re-popularizing old popular music - but I'm not sure that there ever were - or ever will be - many people who don't like to hear a Stauss Waltz from time to time.

There is still a lot of low hanging fruit on the 'popular' classical music tree.

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