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Viola on ebay


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Didn't see much out in Google-land, but this cached text seems to indicate it is/was an intermediate viola closeout priced over $400, so if it stays around where it's at now (70something) I don't see how it could be too bad of a venture

Oh darn, it was the wrong model I was looking at, closest I could find was a 320 but that isn't German made. Probably more info out there I'm just missing.

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Originally posted by:

Why mess with ebay "bargains"?

Because if you know what you are looking at and the seller doesn't, you can score a righteous deal. I purchased a Scott Cao viola model STA017 on eBay (with case and decent bow included) for a whopping $125! My luthier nearly fainted after he looked at it, pronounced it a great viola and then heard the price. :-)

PS-Hey Steve! Long time, no SA.

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Hi GV- I too would of course make an exception for an instrument of known good make that somehow slips through at that low a price. Doesn't happen too often though- most ebay stuff is overpriced junk. And after all the street price of a well-set-up STA017 from a good shop is still pretty painless, and with much less risk attached. I'd still recommend that as the best route for most people.

Got tired of the political stuff on SA (frankly I can't even think about our Fearless Leader anymore without wanting to spit, let alone discuss him calmly with those who still insist on being dupes) and sadly the actual string discussions never really took off. Maybe I'll drop by one of these days.

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