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Aother Violin Making Workshop?


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I've gotten several e-mails about the wonderful winter workshop last year held on the Florida panhandle "BETWEEN" hurricanes. I don't have time to put togather another but, I have heard there might be a repeat or similar one out on the west coast. I've given some setup info to a couple people through the year. Michael.....are you doing the one I've heard about near LA? Don't know if there will be more that one agenda as I was going to put togather an overlapping violin and bow workshop with a couple different masters. If anyone has details, or knows if it is open or closed, let us know?



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Yes. We're just working on putting it together right now. It's going to be similar to the one that you organized in Florida, but on the other coast. Jim Brown and the Southern California Violin Makers Association (of which he's the President) are co-sponsoring it, and I think the structure will be very similar. Though we're still working on the particulars, Jim put up a website for it at http://www.jbviolin.com and I suspect that eventually I'll have something on my own site, as the structure gells.

So what was it that you were planning--this is the first I've heard of that.

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There is indeed. Arrangements are still being finalized but the workshops are definitely on. Two 5 day sessions, this time at the Claremont Colleges just outside of LA. Michael will be leading the sessions. The workshop last year was such a great event and everyone had a great time. We're looking forward to this one. Look at www.jbviolin.com for details.

Thanks Regis,


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I did not get very far in the planning. That "day-job" is just taking too much of my time. But, I wanted to put a bowmaker (or at least strong restorer) (that also helps folks here) in a workshop that had a day or two of half day overlaps. A lot of good folks could meet AND learn. If I do one again, it will be closer to the middle of the country (and of course I'll try to encourage you).

Best of luck and hope you guys have as great a group as we had last winter.


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There should be plenty of experienced makers available in that area for this kind of event. There is the workshops in New Hamphire.

My intentions for the west coast workishop is to make it a permanent event on the west coast. I say an event on the west coast. We already have a good sign-up for the event with people coming from Virginia, Oregon and other points east. Those who experienced Michael's Florida workshop realized the tremendous value it was. The quality of the event itself largely determines the distances people are willing to travel. Besides, who wouldn't like a getaway to sunny California?


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The dorms are available on the weekends for $28 per day. There is plenty to do on weekends and we will be available to help keep you entertained. We are working on having the workshop itself open so people can continue to work on their projects. J.

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along the same lines. I would love to attend a west coast workshop or any

other coastal workshop..alas I am trapped in a situation where I must pay

the bills while earning a living using some skills involving other persuits...

ahhh I beleive the word is carreer. In fact.. personaly I would hang it up and

attend a four year program in Salt Lake If my dependants could survive.

But back to reality..and as we all know ..sometimes realtiy bites. My issue is

this...If I did attend one of these seminars or workshops..I can only imagine

that I would want to attend others and so on. So here is where I am heading

with all this .... (in a perfect world) what I would like to see..not sure there is

a market for this ..but seems there may be. (I would certainly pay for such

a service). What if some of the folks that put together these workshops offer

an on-line workshop of some sort. I realize the limitations with interaction but

even some sort of web based course with on-line discussion and interaction

would be an acceptable compromise for those of us that cant work the current

format into our schedule/budget. Shoot you guys could offer a whole series

of courses...hmmmmm. I know that poses issues in terms of development and

logistics for this sort of medium but man....like I said in a perfect world.

Keep in mind I said earlier that I would be willing to pay for such an on-line service and I suspect there would be others . Just a thought

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Dand--Where on the west Coast are you located? Would Grants Pass, Oregon be too far to drive for a weekend? There is a fellow there with a small school that runs only on weekends, and a month at a time-- you get 64 hours of training, then a month off-- then another 64, and so forth. If you are just starting out, that might be helpful. He does require that you make the first instrument entirely with hand tools, and, though he does specify a tool list, he has them there to loan, too.

Here's his website--that's an old photo-- he is 65 now, I think.


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Ooops I need to clarify... while I would love to attend A west coast (or any other

coastal) event I am located in the central part of the country...currently Minnesota ..but soon to be Oklahoma. This is part of my problem..alot of activities are located near larger populations...understandably but regrettably.

Thanks for the input though..I will check this link out

I wonder if any of these folks have considered a program where you could

work using your own tools and supply feedback via pictures over the WEB

as you progress. They could critique and make suggestions. I know that there

are some things that are best demonstrated in real time..but for alot of the

fundamental stuff...it would seem that some sort of access to the knowledge

they have..like a mentor..well as I said..in a perfect world. I do want my cake

and eat it too !

Haa! One thing is for sure ...however I get there... I will. And I plan to have fun

in the process.

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some sort of web based course with on-line discussion and interaction would be an acceptable compromise

Something that another fourm I used to hang out on was an idea that utilized a program called Teamspeak, a real-time voice program where you could talk to people. I had an idea to setup specific times where some of the experts would be online and would go through certian processes and the beginners could ask them 'in person', but the idea quickly died off. Having webcams setup would make something like this even cooler.

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Yes ...

Redwing is about 60 miles from the city (hour and a half ) from where I have

been living. I certainly have been wanting to ..but there again...My work does

not give me enough time to enroll in a 1 year program and commute on top of that...plus my job had me traveling down to Albequerque alot. I plan to have more time once moved to Oklahoma..but not much in the way of luthier training


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Would that you could learn violin making in an internet environment. Unfortunately, many of the tasks which must be mastered are based on fine observation and human senses such as tactile, sound, etc. These things can only be demonstrated on-hand.

There are people coming from all over the nation for this workshop. The purpose is to provide people with limited time an opportunity to work, hands-on, with a noted maker who builds in the traditional style. It is intended for people who wish to hone their skills to such a level that they can actually make some money building violins without having to devote 3 or 4 years to a formal violin making school. These people are usually grown adults and have no time for formal education and also don't have the ten years or so it would take to learn to make marketable violins on their own.

The amount of information and experience people come away with at Michael's workshop is staggering. In addition, there is something about the camraderie which comes out of these workshops which ultimatle proves to be invaluable. You can talk theory on the internet but you can't feel the wood and the only means of analyzing pitches, overtones, etc. for discussion would be by means of electronic devices. That's not what this workshop is all about. There's plenty of that out there. I suggest you simply stay tuned to one of the several boards such as Tobi, Maestronet, violintalk or SCAVM. You can talk and post photos all you want there and you'll be more than accomodated by the participants, believe me. So the mechanisims you desire are already in place. Simply start posting some photos and ask some questions. The only problem I can see is that there are so many different ways to do each task, that you can get seriously confused by all the "advice".

Good luck, Jim B

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