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whose vibrato get your juices flowing?


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I think arm vibrato requires more energy, and after 9 hours in the office not enough energy is left for arm vibrato in my case, or simply I am not comfortable with arm vibrato. May be some one can shed a light on what I am doing wrong with arm vibrato. When I do it, It is not consistent and I get tired.

Usually wrist vibrato is the one I like even for the fourth finger, easy, stable and comfortable..

Yes, I like Gill, Joshua, Haifetz, or there are others I dont remember,, they are all good.

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My own vibrato is a combination of all three. Depending on the mood of the piece, I try to vary the vibrato. I think arm vibrato is okay if it does not get too wide and slow, but I prefer the sound of wrist/finger combination.

As for my favorite sound here are a few

Dead: Kreisler, Heifetz, Menuhin (in his prime), Thibaud, Enescu, Grumiaux, Elman (in his prime) and Szeryng

Alive: Gitlis, Mutter (when she is not being weird), Hahn and Frank Peter Zimmermann


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thanks people.  selim, my feeling is that the more we play,

the more we lean toward wrist vibrato.  it is indeed more

efficient and energy saving.  also, it seems most people can

do higher freq vibrato with wrist than with arms.  smaller

muscles move faster. with advanced players, no one really uses arm

vibrato byself, usually with wrist as well.  with some slow

passage, i use some arm too, but with wrist and may be finger.

 to be honest, i dont really know since i rarely check.

here is one that get one's tears flowing...


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