Warchal strings - a surprise package

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Re Brilliants. My set has been on for five days now. I like these very much!....Initially the E and A were nice, but the D and G did not feel so right. After being on the fiddle for five days all strings are performing beautifully. The feeling I get is a clear distinct sound with an underlaying harmonic warmth. There is no problem at all with playing in tune but because of the clarity of the strings bad intonation might be highlighted!.....Yes I like!

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I tried the brights on a violin that works well with infeld blue. The G and A strings are very responsive But was suprised that the D hydronallium did not do well. It had a problem holding on to pianissimo for some reason. Left it on for three days to see f it would settle down but replaced the D with IB.

I put D string on a less sonorous violin and the problem was not as evident but I thought I heard the tendency to almost let out a false harmonic not in balance with the principle tone. Maybe the silver would do better or it was a defective string. Did anyone else have the problem with the D Hydronallium?


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Hi Mike. I've had brilliants on for 10 days now. I'm not having the problem with the D you describe. I did find these strings took a few days to settle in as a set. They suddenly came alive after about 5 days. From my own experience I wonder if you might have had more luck if you'd left the string on a couple of days longer?

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Possible, but it was a persistant problem and got the best of me. The string was so bad that half of the notes on it were missfiring. Like I said before the string had the tendancy when strung up on another fiddle but was not as bad. The G and A strings are still on and I must say they have a very desirable quality and range of expression.Also they respond to the slightest motion of the bow. It is also possible that I just got a bad one. The strings are definitly worth a try.


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I replaced the tailpiece on the instrument that I had your strings. I the meantime I dressed fingerboard as it had a little too much scoop. There is nothing wrong with that string. The problem is gone and the string is powerful and responds fantastic. It is amazing that the problem showed up with your string and not the infeld blue. Apparently, I have been using too much scoop on my fingerboards. A double bonus for me as I will enjoy this string set and learned a little more about the exactness of proper set up.(also thanks go out for the members of the MN that have been so helpful in my personal development) Your strings must move considerably more. The other violin that I tried it on also has a little too much scoop also and that is why it also showed the problem. Best of luck with your new strings. You have a winner.

Mike Carufe

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I just put on a set of Ametyst strings on a hand made German/Austrian-American violin from the 30s. Really, really nice.

I like every string on there, the 'e' is lovely. Loads of color across the range. The dominants sounded very tinny on this instrument. I have found Visions to sound quite artificial, whiney like fishing line. I like these Ametyst better than any string I've tried; Obligato, Infield blue & Red, Vision & Vision titanium, and Larsen Tzgani. I tried Evah Pirazzi on one instrument once and never gave them a second chance. I am eager to try these strings on another good instrument and have ordered a set of each of the three from www.funhouse88.com and I can't wait to try the others on various instruments.

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