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Is there a pattern for a cello bib?


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I sew a little and I thought I would try to make a bib for the back of my cello so that the buttons of my clothes wouldn't rattle against the instrument. I don't like the bibs that are offered in the catalogs. I don't want to go to the expense of buying a bib simply to take it apart.

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Personally, I like the bib (with full pocket) that SouthWest Strings sells. I have two of them. I much prefer it to the one SHAR sells.

The SWS bibs are black, of a substantial material so they don't fold over easily or wrinkle. The bib is 11" wide and 12" high, with a 7-1/2" deep pocket. SO you could make it from a piece of cloth 11" x 20". The strap extends 18" up from one side and has velcro on the other end that mates with a few inches of velcro on the top of the other side of the bib. (The SHAR bib ties and you are left with the stragglers ribbons from a knot or bow - also the SHAR bib I have is flimsier than the SWS ones.)


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